The Oscars of London

We all love the glitz & glamour, but which Oscar nominees, and winners were filmed here in London.  Check out my top nominees and their revealing London locations.


Elizabeth The Golden Age 2007

Won Best Costume

Nominated for Best Actress (Cate Blanchet)

Winner Most Historic London Location 2013

Elizabeth the Golden Age filmed at Greenwich Royal Navy College (not the only Oscar winner to do so – scenes of the Iron Lady were also filmed here). A stunning location and one of my favorite days out in London. The real Queen Elizabeth was actually born here, in the original Greenwich Palace in 1533. Built in the 1400s this beautiful river side palace housed royalty, most notably the famous wife killing King Henry VIII. It was sadly demolished in the 1700s and replaced by the equally stunning royal naval college. It is said that an Oak Tree in the grounds is the very oak tree that the young Henry and Elizabeth played in as children.

Closer 2004

Nominated for Best Actor in a supporting role (Clive Owen)

Nominated for Best Actress in a supporting role (Natalie Portman)

Winner Most quirky London Location 2013

In 2004 a few British greats turned up on the nominee list but Closer was a standout. The opening is set in Postman’s Park, not far from St Paul’s. The park contains a memorial to people who died in heroic circumstances, and contains plaques and their fascinating stories. These include that of Mary Rogers who died when the ship she worked on sank in 1899, she gave up her life jacket for another passenger. Then there is 60 year old signal man William Goodrum who died (1880) whilst saving a colleague from being hit by an on-coming train. But perhaps the most moving is 11 year old Solomon Galaman who saved his little brother from being run over (1901). The inscription includes his sad dying quote “Mother I saved him, but I could not save myself.”

Alfie 1966

Nominated for Best Actor (Michael Caine)

Nominated for Best Supporting Actress (Vivien Merchant)

Nominated for Best Original Song (Alfie – Bert Bacharach)

Winner Best view in London 2013

Turn back to 1966 and another classic London film was nominated for Michael Caine’s leading role in Alfie. For his final scene they chose one of the best viewing spots along the Thames, Waterloo Bridge (named unsurprisingly after the Battle of Waterloo). It was built in the 40s and was the only bridge along the central part of the Thames to be damaged by war time bombing. It’s situated on a bend in the river so is a great little spot to snap west at the houses or parliament and London Eye, and north up to St Paul’s and the Shard. It also features in that other great British classic Bridget Jones she crosses (commutes rather) across this bridge with a huge smile on her face, after a night with Daniel Cleveland!

The King’s Speech 2010

Won Best Picture

Won Best Actor in a Leading Role (Colin Firth)

Won Best Screen Play

Won Best Direction (Tom Hooper)

Winner Best Summer Spot 2013

(Also nominated for Best Actor in a supporting Role (Geoffrey Rush), Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Helena Bonham Carter) Best Art Direction, Cinematography, Costume Design, Film Editing, Music, Sound Mixing – I was just far to lazy to type all those out individually)


 Not long until the summer, I promise, and when it arrives you will find me chilling out in the beautiful Regents Park for most of it. But right now it looks exactly like its Oscar nominated scene in The Kings speech. As Bertie and Lionel stroll through the park on a misty chilly morning. Quite accurately the park is just a stones throw from Lionel’s real life office on Harley Street. Today (as then) Harley Street is famous for it’s elite doctors, and medical practices, and still attends to the needs of the Royals. Lionel has long left (obviously) but his practice at 146 is marked by a blue plaque. Interestingly enough the office they used for Lionel’s practice in the film is on the street directly parallel to Harley,  Portland place (number 33 to be exact).

Skyfall 2012

Nominated Best Cinamatograpy

Nominated Best Music/Original Song (Londoner Adele!)

Nominated Best Sound Editing

Winner -Most impressive London Location 2013

My final is our great hopeful for 2013… Skyfall, famously shot in London, starring our beloved underground among other greats. One of the government buildings featured is one of my favourite buildings (I know I always say that) 10 Trinity Square. It’s an impressive looking building, one of those you know has to be important. Situated just next door to the Tower of London, and Tower Bridge and opposite the river and City Hall, 10 Trinity Square was opened by Prime Minister Lloyd George in the 20s. Its an impressive building and is part of the Tower of London’s World Heritage site. It was originally home to the Port of London Authority, and entertained UN general assembly in 1946. Today it houses an insurance company with plans to turn part of it into a hotel – it is equally as impressive inside as on the outside. Both the inside and out was used for scenes in the movie.

For a quick overview of movie London locations check out this cool Underground Map produced by TFL in 2010.

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