The John Snow

John Snow (not to be confused with the political presenter) was a famous physician (1813-1858) whose major breakthroughs included the use of anesthetics and cholera prevention.

john snow

It was here at the location of the pub, that he discovered the connection between water and cholera, when he tracked down an outbreak to a water pump (there is a replica of the water pump across the road from the pub). This discovery was a major medical breakthrough which pretty much halted cholera outbreaks in London.

The pub has stood here since 1870, and was named John Snow in 1955 on the centenary of the discovery.

The irony is that you would never find Dr John Snow here, he was a teetotal vegetarian.

The pub has stood still in time, with its dark wooden decor and wooden dividers, it’s quite small on the ground floor but has a large bar on the first floor.

The pub is also the headquarters of the John Snow Society, whose only membership requirement is a visit to the pub.


The John Snow
39 Broadwick Street
London W1F 9QP