Ye Olde Mitre

Close to Chancery Lane tube station, and just off the famous Hatton Gardens lies an easily miss-able alley way, you’d be forgiven for walking passed it, but recommend you don’t.

Mitre Tavern

Tucked away down the alley is the quaint olde worlde pub The Mitre Tavern. Originally built in the 1500s, it’s rumoured to contain the remains of a cherry tree which the young Elizabeth Tudor once danced around.

The current construction dates from the 1700s and is a lovely pub with wooden panels, creaky floor boards, Elizabethan memorabilia and even has a Snug (an tiny private enclosed area of a pub where only a couple of people could sit).

The original tavern (the one the young Queen visited) was the tavern that used to serve the servants of the Palace of Ely which sat here back in the 16th Century – the only remainder of which is St Etheldreda’s church next door.

Ye Old Mitre

It’s a friendly pub, with no music and tvs, just good old fashioned (and reputable) ale, and beer, and do an excellent selection of classic pub grub, and snacks.

Quirky fact this little pub is not considered to be in London, as is owned by the and comes under the jurisdiction of Cambridge. For this reason its rumoured that Hatton Garden jewelry thieves often hang out here.


Dates from 1546


Ye Olde Mitre
1 Ely Court
Ely Place