The Attendant

Combing my Passion for quality coffee with my passion for all things Victorian, this week I found my dream coffee shop.

And it hands down wins coolest (and quirkiest) coffee shop of the year.

You just have to check out The Attendant  in… Marylebone.



Just 5 mins from Oxford Circus, these beautiful and wonderfully restored old Victorian Gentlemans toilets have been lovingly turned into a very cool coffee shop, complete with old flushers on the walls, Victorian tiles and an attendants booth (now a kitchen).

It retains all its original features (scrubbed clean of course) and results in the coolest coffee stop off in town. Upstairs they still have classic iron work over the entrance, updated with seats for summer drinking.

Not only does it look very cool, but they also serve up some quality coffee, and yummy herbal teas as well as a great selection of sandwiches.  This one is a must see!   Check out their facebook page too, for some great before & after pics.

27a Foley Street,
London W1W 6DY