Cakes and Treats

Vegan never tasted so good.

So when my vegan friend arrived in London for a week I got a bit nervous, I like my food and my meat;  I nervously prepared for a week of greenstuff.

So I was surprised when she insisted we visit a little café called ‘Cakes and Treats’.

Cakes and Treats

“This can’t possibly be Vegan” I thought, as I walked through the door, there are very delicious cakes everywhere (swoon) and burgers on the menu. Even the coffee menu looked luxurious. So I set about ordering, Caramel Iced Latte, Turkey sandwiches, and Peanut butter cake (a tough decision what with Vanilla Chocolate cake and Rose Raspberry cake on offer) all of which were utterly delicious and utterly (to my surprise) vegan.

Kim Wonderland, hails from Germany where her Cakes and Treats, Dortmund is a huge success (along with her vegan cookbook, and online store). She makes all the yummy stuff, cakes, pastries, biscuits, by hand, and offers fantastic vegan meat alternatives (turkey, burgers etc). Her cakes are incredibly creative and she even extends to glamorous wedding and birthday cakes made to order.

And, much to my friend’s dismay – because she’s gone home now – Kim plans to start her famous ‘All you can eat buffets’ soon.

The décor of the café is delightful, a sort of Alice in Wonderland theme, very comfortable with friendly staff.  This whole place is an absolute delight.

cakes and treats

I’m not vegan …but I will so be back at this gorgeous little gem very soon, and whether you are vegan or not, if you love cakes and treats, Cakes and Treats in Camden is definitely for you!

You can find Cakes and Treats on facebook

and at:
15 Pratt Street, Camden Town NW1 0AE