Anti Valentine’s Day London

Anti Valentine’s Day London – 10 Top things to do 

Oh no it’s February you know that that means… if you’re single you face the misery of a lonely February 14th, if you’re not single you face the trauma of an expensive -‘must impress her’ February 14th. Who invented this thing anyway?

Well the good news is ‘Anti Valentine’s Day’ is now an official catch phrase, one that will lead you to some great ideas for expelling those Valentine’s blues. And I have brought you exactly that.  So here are a selection of the best Anti Valentine’s things to do in London this year!   I have a little something for you,  whether you want to shun the whole day, or if you are hopefully going into the day dreaming of a future love; This post is for you! 

And now for something completely different..

If you want to get a million miles away from Valentine’s Day you can’t get much further than outer space. Head up to the beautiful Greenwich Observatory for a ‘Night with the Stars’. Check out some amazing constellations in the Planetarian then take up the opportunity to have a gaze through their famous 18 tonne Victorian telescope. Booking essential.

If you’d rather to drink under the stars, than watch them, but it seems a little too cold  for that then head over to my favourite rooftop bar, The Queen of Hoxton. This winter they have taken their roof top drinking experience one step further by installing a wigwam on the rooftop. Perfect for classy quirky after work drinks.*

Prefer a bit of horror to romcom how about a night in an underground bunker dodging zombies. For the ultimate scary anti Valentine’s check out Zombie Battle London (ok you’ll have to wait until March for this one, but you can spend the 14th Feb watching zombie movies in training). Guaranteed No couples!

Looking for Love 

If this V day isn’t what you expected, but you’re hoping next year will the pefect one, then how about these cools ideas to help you find true love:

St Valentine’s Ritual Magik Night in Covent Garden Let Jon -the ritual-master-magick-practitioner-Kaneko-James, captivate and inspire you with a full St Valentine’s evening of practical ritual love magick and spells for the romantic year ahead.

Guys increase your chance of finding Miss Right and impressing her in 2014, sign up for a ‘Men in the Kitchen master class’, learn to cook a three course feast with a Victoria the award winning chef. Now boys look away for one second (…psst girls! Victoria has classes for you too…).

If you’re ready to jump in and find love right now, maybe try it the old fashioned way. 

Remember the old days when the boys sat on one side of the room and girls on the other and he shyly looks over then glances away until eventually he boy runs over and whisks her on to the dance floor; you can now relive that at  the Vintage Dance Club Valentine’s Tea Dance. They also have a pre-dance workshop too for a bit of waltz & Tango tuition.*

Perhaps you have your eye on that someone special and want to wow them with the the most impressive dinner date ever! Check out the secretive Gingerline for an imaginative date. Described as a ‘clandestine dining experience’ you find out the location 60 mins before dinner, then you are led to the location where a themed feast awaits. It’s not just food its crazy entertainment. You can find out more and book on the website.*

Mending broken hearts

If you’re trying to recover from Heart-Break (a serious medical condition) Valentine’s day can be tough, but I prescribe a trip to the the University of London for their Mending Broken Hearts seminar.  Guest speaker Roger Corder, author of The Red Wine Diet and Professor of Experimental Therapeutics at Queen Mary’s medical school, will discuss the benefits of wine and chocolate for the heart, a perfect antidote for Valentine’s Day (you can’t go wrong with Red Wine and Chocolate).

The Greatest Love story ever told

If you’re a romantic at heart and plan to celebrate the day date or no date, how about discovering what is  (in my opinion) the greatest love story ever. Head to Kensington Palace and experience the love story of HRH Queen Victoria and her beloved Albert. They are running a special Valentine’s day tour, but even if you miss the tour be sure to check out the beautiful Victoria Revealed exhibition.

And finally head over to Prince Charles Cinema for the ultimate power- chick-flick-classic–bitter-sweet romance, the beautiful Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Showing on Valentines day, booking recommended.

So there you have it, my run down of the best Anti Valentine’s things to do in London!

*Disclaimer I can’t guarentee there won’t be lovey dovey couples there, sorry.

If you’re want more info on any of my top 10 here are the links…

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